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GSCLabs is a formulation company that takes advantage of advance Stem Cell Science & Cosmetic Chemistry. We combine the latest advances in stem cell biology & advance technology to deliver compounds to specific areas of skin that promote the function of a person's own skin stem cells. We’ve developed multiple skin care products that are currently being licensed to companies in the US, Canada, and UK.

 23rd Annual World Congress On Anti-Aging Medicine
The International Salon & Spa Expo


         Esthetique SPA 


Newer and older generations are constantly seeking methods of preservation, prevention & repair in skin care products. We make it possible for medical & aesthetic companies to meet & supply the ever growing demand from GI Generation to Millineal.

We apply science using stem cells, peptides, nanotechnology, natural ingredients & nutrition to transform skin to its optimal state. Our clinical trials have proven to hydrate, firm, brighten, balance, resurface & refine the faces & bodies of test subjects

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